De Young Museum has now spent 562K to destroy car free JFK Promenade

Lee Heidhues 9.12.2022

The People fighting to save JFK Promenade must understand they are up against Big corporate and political interests who will spend whatever it takes to drive their way to victory.

In the past two business days the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco has poured another 150K into its selfish profit driven fight to return cars to JFK Promenade in Golden Gate Park.

FAMSF 75K contribution 9.9.2022
Name of Filer: ID number 1243227

Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums

FAMSF 75K contribution 9.12.2022
Name of Filer: ID number 1449299

Access for All, Yes on I, No on J, Sponsored by Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums and Open the Great Highway Alliance.

Note: The ‘Open the Great Highway Alliance’ is the same organization which sued the City and County of San Francisco earlier this year to force an immediate reopening of both JFK Promenade and The Great Walkway to cars. That case is now in the California Court of Appeal. Open the Great Highway Alliance v. Ginsburg et al. A164797.

1 Yes on J for JFK 8.27.2022

The name of the Filers may be different but these organizations are different in name only on the California Form 497 Contribution Report.

The phone number for both “Contributions” is the same. It is the phone number for the Sutton Law Firm at 150 Post Street in San Francisco.

This information is public record and readily available at the San Francisco Ethics Commission website.

41 Yes on J for JFK 8.27.2022