Berlin Station. Three seasons of thought provoking prescient political drama

Lee Heidhues 9.13.2022

For those who like high wire political intrigue, Berlin Station is the series to watch.

I have been transfixed plowing through the three seasons of the Epix series.

Brandenburg Gate 5.2.2017.jpg
Lee Heidhues at the Brandenburg Gate – 2017 backpack in hand

The main characters work for the CIA at the American Embassy in Berlin next to the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin Station III 9.13.2022.jpg

Now viewing the third, and final, season released in 2018, I am struck at how prescient were the creators. The story line details a Russian attempt to take over Estonia.

Little did the creators realize what would happen in Ukraine in 2022.

Berlin Station II 9.13.2022.jpg

Season one – 2016 – involves a Mole inside the CIA Berlin Station, the Islamic State and a terror plot against Berlin.

Season two – released in 2017 – involves the political machinations of a fictional right wing political party trying to win control of the German Bundestag. The fictional party is based on the actual Germany political party, Alternative for Deutschland. The AfD now has 80 seats in the German legislature.

Anti-Alternative for Deutschland poster – Lubeck, Germany – May 2017