London Breed creates a Totalitarian Big Brother ‘Police State of San Francisco’

Lee Heidhues 9.20.2022

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Mayor London Breed. A shameless craven MAGA servant.

Along with her Myrmidon Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins and a now unleashed gang of Cops will run amok and further destroy personal liberty for San Francisco citizens.

George Orwell is turning in his Grave to realize that his predictions in the novel 1984 are coming to pass in of all places, San Francisco.

The four courageous Supervisors who stood up to the pitchfork wielding crowd of paranoid citizenry will ultimately be vindicated.  Connie Chan.  Hillary Ronen. Dean Preston.  Shamann Walton.

The most bizarre moment in this entire tawdry abdication by elected officials came when a harried looking Pacific Heights Supervisor Catherine Stefani uttered the word “FASCIST.”  

Stefani went on to tell her fellow legislators that, “I have an Italian Passport and can leave the country.”  Stefani then voted for the Orwellian legislation.

Excerpted from The San Francisco Chronicle 9.20.2022

San Francisco police will be allowed to temporarily monitor live video feeds from privately owned surveillance cameras in certain circumstances under controversial legislation approved by city supervisors.


The San Francisco Bar Association, which represents thousands of local attorneys and law firms, issued a blistering critique of the surveillance policy.

Yolanda Jackson, the group’s executive director, signed a seven-page letter to supervisors this month saying that the proposed version of the policy was too vague and far-reaching and would violate residents’ privacy by giving police “access to an ever-growing (and potentially limitless) network of cameras” from a central location without restrictions to prevent unlimited tracking.

“Public safety can be achieved without abandoning residents’ Constitutional rights in favor of unprecedented levels of surveillance,” Jackson wrote on behalf of the association.

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The legislation authorizes a new 15-month surveillance policy for the San Francisco Police Department that spells out the conditions in which officers can view real-time security camera video — without first obtaining a warrant — if businesses or homeowners grant permission.

Approved in a 7-4 vote Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors, the policy reflects a compromise between Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Aaron Peskin, both of whom had at one point planned to put competing surveillance measures on the June 7 ballot. Breed and Peskin pulled their measures before the ballot was finalized and then negotiated a legislative deal with the police department.

Under the policy authorized by the legislation, police can request up to 24 hours of access to live surveillance video in three circumstances: to respond to a life-threatening emergency, to decide how to deploy officers during a large event with public safety concerns and to conduct a criminal investigation if allowed for in writing by a captain or higher-ranking SFPD official.

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