Current State of Play in ‘law and order’ post DA Chesa Boudin San Francisco

Lee Heidhues 9.23.2022

Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle columnist,  published a column on September 22, 2022 headlined.

‘He’s back’: Alleged stalker returns to S.F. after judge dismisses case, sparking new complaints from women

Heather and I  engaged in the following colloquy.



Mercifully for Chesa’s  Peace of Mind he is not available for you to troll.

Otherwise, I’m sure Chesa would have received Heather Knight lede type Nightcrawler coverage holding him liable.

It stands out that the 153K Volunteer Puppet DA is not mentioned in this op ed.

She’s now the flavor of the month.

Lee Heidhues

Heather Knightcrawler I 10.11.2021


Perhaps you don’t understand how the criminal justice system works. I wrote about the West Portal case involving the teenage girl last year when it occurred while Chesa Boudin was the DA – didn’t blame him then, blamed the judge. No arrests have been made since Hobbs returned to San Francisco so there’s no case yet for Brooke Jenkins to handle.

I’m more concerned about the fact that women are being harassed and followed on the streets of San Francisco and will continue to write about that.


Heather Knight


Bill Gene Hobbs has been the subject of complaints from women who say he has stalked and grabbed them.



Thanks for your response to my email

We have a long torturous history of communication 

I totally concur with the 2nd graph in your email that shining a light on abuse of women is something you will always report

My point is now and will be forever that the MSM spent 2 1/2 years destroying Chesa

And abetted by 9MM (the final total) in MAGA money appealing to the most paranoid psyche of San Francisco the political lynching of Chesa worked.

Were Chesa still DA every crime in San Francisco, abetted by the MSM, would be tossed at Chesa’s doorstep 

Your piece of 9.22 included.

I did note buried deep in the story is the fact Chesa charged this guy with a misdemeanor. I appreciate that inclusion 

Chesa is very honest ethical intelligent Man

The disgraceful Coupd’etat in which the MSM was complicit will rank with the worst moments in San Francisco history 

Lee Heidhues

Top photo – Artwork accompanying @simbagirrl Tweet 9,23.2022

Says it all about the current State of Play in San Francisco politics.

Glimpse into Sausage-Making at @LondonBreed’s City Hall Attacks Commish Carter-Oberstone.

Praises puppet DA @BrookeJenkinsSF #PoliceStateWithBrooke Mayor Breed Accuses Her Reform-Minded Police Commission Appointee of dishonesty… via @sfstandard

Appearing in the artwork. Interim DA Brooke Jenkins, Supervisor Matt Dorsey, Mayor London Breed, Assistant District Attorney Nancy Tung