The City willfully damaged a preserved Tree. The work is done. Will it survive?

Lee Heidhues 9.23.2022

It appears the water pipe work is done at the site of the beautiful New Zealand Christmas tree adjacent to the Lincoln Park Golf Course.

The work crew has laid an 8″ pipe which will bring recycled water to accommodate an entitled class of golfers.

The work was delayed after a City worker willfully disregarded a San Francisco Public Utilities Final Decision (SFPUC) and destroyed a major root on the tree.


The July 2022 Final Decision in our favor was apparently the first time that the SFPUC has upheld an Appeal to stop the destruction of a tree under its jurisdiction.

Our great victory has been cast aside.

Despite lodging numerous complaints with the San Francisco PUC, the Department of Public Works, the Bureau of Urban Forestry and the Recreation and Parks Departments we have received not one piece of correspondence detailing how and why the City blatantly ignored its own Final Decision to preserve the tree.

All our complaints are just a lot of hot air.

The damage is already done.  Hopefully the New Zealand Christmas Tree will survive.

46 Clement Street tree 9.9.22
Amputated New Zealand Christmas Tree stump – 9.8.2022
8″ x8″ concrete pipe to bring recycled water to Lincoln Park Golf Course 9.23.2022
Workers putting in concrete pipe – 9.22.2023
115 Clement Street tree 9.23.22
The work is done at 39th Avenue and Clement Street. Will the tree survive? – 9.23.2022

5 Clement Street tree

The beautiful tree before it was willfully damaged by City contractors