Desperate De Young Museum paying its employees to destroy Car Free JFK Drive

Lee Heidhues 9.28.2022

Putting it bluntly the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco campaign to destroy JFK Promenade is one of the most disgraceful brazen political efforts in a City in which conniving, bribery, back room deals and cronyism is the coin of the realm.

To date over $750,000 has been reported to the SF Ethics Commission in the attempt to destroy JFK Promenade. Most of it coming from people for whom money is no object when it comes to achieving their goal.  Destruction of a car free sanctuary in Golden Gate Park.

In San Francisco the wealthy benefactors of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, realizing their scorched earth attempt to destroy JFK Promenade is failing, is throwing its own employees into the battle.

15 JFK Car Free Frida Kahlo I 4.11.2021.jpg
A family enjoys the Car Free area by the De Young Museum

The latest disclosure to the Ethics Commission shows  a report of $13,600 listed as


Lets hypothesize and say the FAMSF is paying each employee $100 hourly for her/his work to destroy JFK Promenade. That would translate into well over 100 hours of time in the employ of this environmental destruction derby by the wealthiest connected in San Francisco.

I think there is a better use of these employees time than trying to defeat Proposition J on November 8.

Like making the De Young Museum a welcoming place for its visitors.


40 Dede Wilsey and Thomas Campbell 9.20.2021
Leaders of the FAMSF Pack – Dede Wilsey who spent $200,000 to qualify her JFK Promenade Destruction Derby for the ballot laughs with DeYoung CEO Thomas Campbell
1 Yes on J for JFK 8.27.2022
YES ON J for JFK PROMENADE – The car free oasis in Golden Gate Park the Fine Arts Museum is trying to destroy on November 8