Nepotism!!! San Francisco Mayor taps crony Loftus DA 32 days before election

September 27, 2022

The best, most infuriating part of the October 2019 SF Chronicle article, is the quote from then DA candidate Nancy Tung.

Tung is now firmly entrenched in Brooke Jenkins office with a major position.

What Nancy Tung failed to achieve in 2019 she got in large part.

Thanks to London Breed. Leader of the Chesa Boudin Recall.

Three years ago…..

Tung said the appointment (of Suzy Loftus) “smacks of political cronyism.”

“This is not about leadership in the D.A.’s office. It’s about artificially boosting her political best friend when we’re so close to an election,” she said. “To take away this historic election from the voters, I think is a little bit disrespectful to the people of San Francisco. It very well may backfire.”

Suzy Loftus never had to sign a “Resignation” letter.
The voters did it for her a month later.

Interim 153K “Volunteer” DA Brooke Jenkins is the 2022 version of London Breed cronyism run rampant.

What happened to Suzy? Last I heard she was Tik Tok corporate counsel.


Lee's Perspective


All too typical  San Francisco with its snarky and hardball politics.

In a display of blatant nepotism and political power San Francisco Mayor London Breed has named her crony Suzy Loftus as interim District Attorney.

The cold blooded politics of this move should give San Franciscans pause about Breed’s method of governance.  In a tight race with four candidates the Mayor is obviously attempting to swing the election to her favored candidate.

Supporters of Chesa Boudin immediately took to the streets on Friday to express their outrage at the venue where the interim DA was being trotted out for a celebratory moment.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 10.4.2019

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Friday appointed Suzy Loftus as interim district attorney following George Gascón’s surprising resignation a day earlier, shaking up the race for the city’s next top prosecutor just one month before voters go to the polls.

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