SF Chronicle proves Puppet DA Jenkins a Liar in her “Volunteer” assertion

October 7, 2022

The media must continue to dig and expose the blatant ethical dishonesty of San Francisco’s interim District Attorney.

Today The San Francisco Standard published a piece with details about an Ethics Complaint filed with the San Francisco Ethics Commission against interim DA Brooke Jenkins.

Nearly two months ago The San Francisco Chronicle went into detail about the monies paid to Brooke Jenkins as she worked to Recall a democratically elected District Attorney.

Shortly thereafter a Complaint was filed with the California Fair Political Practices Commission, the State watchdog Agency.

The disclosure of the latest Complaint filed with the San Francisco Ethics Commission is another effort to force the interim DA, handmaiden of Mayor London Breed, to come clean about the true nature of her 153K “volunteer” payment.

A payment utilized to politically lynch Progressive DA Chesa Boudin.

A political operative who destroyed her one time boss, DA Chesa Boudin and now seeks to be elected on November 8.

Her treachery must be exposed.

Brooke Jenkins must be driven from office.

Lee's Perspective

Lee Heidhues 8.12.2022

There’s a tried and true axiom in politics. “Follow the money.”

Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins assertion that she was simply a “Volunteer” in the Coup d’etat against her former boss, DA Chesa Boudin is a flat out lie.

The disclosure of Jenkins being paid over $100,000 to promote the Recall of her former boss ads fuel to the fire surrounding the chief law enforcement officer in San Francisco.

74 Puppet DA art by Liz 8.10.2022Queen of the Puppet DAs – Artwork by Liz Heidhues

When Jenkins was a City employee she lived in Union City. After she quit her job and became a “Volunteer” Jenkins moved into a $6,000 a month Condo in San Francisco.

If this assertion is true the question is “How could a “Volunteer” afford such a pricey rent?”

This is just another of the questions swirling around Brooke Jenkins. Her record of prosecutorial misconduct as an Assistant District Attorney…

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