‘Destruction Derby’ DeYoung Museum $$$ Another 75K to destroy JFK Promenade

Lee Heidhues 10.6.2022

12 Liz with Da Mayor  on JFK.jpg
Mayor London Breed signing the legislation to create JFK Promenade on May 7, 2022. Will the Fine Arts Museums with its deep pockets destroy this Oasis in Golden Gate Park?

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco has spent nearly $700,000 to destroy JFK Promenade.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco just dumped another $75,000 into its selfish greed driven campaign to destroy Golden Gate Park’s car free Oasis and bring cars back to JFK Promenade. (see attached)

FAMSF 75K 10.3.2022

On September 24, 2022 The ‘Access for All, Yes on I, No on J Sponsored by Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums and Open the Great Highway Alliance’ reported TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED $618,135.65 (see attached)

FAMSF Form 460 9.29.2022


I have reported earlier that the Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums is using its Staff to work on the attempt to destroy JFK Promenade.


It can be expected that in the next 33 days the Fine Arts Museums will do whatever it takes to destroy JFK Promenade.

Celebrating JFK Promenade