Prom on the Promenade as advocates for Car Free JFK run to the Nov. 8 finish line

Lee Heidhues 10.8.2022

Photos by Liz Heidhues

The theme of the afternoon – VOTE YES ON J FOR JFK PROMENADE.

It was a foggy afternoon in historic Golden Gate Park in the midst of Fleet Week with the Blue Angels flying overhead.

The foggy cool weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd which came to enjoy Prom on the Prom as advocates for Proposition J fight to preserve the car free oasis JFK Promenade.

There was music, food, a photo booth, free books courtesy of the San Francisco Public Library, and an atmosphere of camaraderie in the air.

43 JFK Prom Lee 10.8.2022.jpg

Valet parking at Prom on the Prom

45 JFK Prom Liz  Cali couple 10.8.2022.jpg
A couple from Cali, Colombia cycling around The City on their tandem bike take a rest stop to check out Prom on the Prom
A month to go until election day. It’s all hands on deck to fight for the preservation of JFK Promenade
15 JFK Prom Liz 10.8.2022.jpg
Prom on the Prom emcee with guests
8 JFK Prom Lee 10.8.2022.jpg
A trio of military men on JFK Promenade
Cycling on JFK Promenade
Ruth Malone and her partner. Ruth the ferocious fighter for JFK Promenade in a cast healing from the broken wrist she suffered recently. The discomfit of her injury did not keep Ruth away from Prom on the Prom
A tuxedo clad canine campaigns for Yes on J for JFK Promenade
36 JFK Prom Lee 10.8.2022.jpg
A posse of single wheeled vehicles cruises by Prom on the Prom
39 JFK Prom Lee 10.8.2022.jpg
JFK Promenade on a foggy Saturday afternoon

17 JFK Prom Liz 10.8.2022

21 JFK Prom Liz 10.8.2022

Dancing at Prom on the Prom

71 JFK Prom Liz 10.8.2022.jpg
Andy Thornley – Smiling veteran of the fight to make San Francisco a bicycle friendly place


Luke Bornheimer – longtime advocate for JFK Promenade

57 JFK Prom Liz 10.8.2022.jpg
Tuxedo wearing attendee at Prom on the Prom enjoys a donut hole
The San Francisco Fire Department stands by always ready for action
68 JFK Prom Liz 10.8.2022
Nutmeg, in full party Dress for Prom on the Prom, gives his owner a, “What kind of expression is that?!” look
Looming over all is the behemoth Tower of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco adjacent to JFK Promenade – The powerful politically connected who oversee this venerable institution have spent nearly $800,000 in their campaign to destroy JFK Promenade.
75 Liz and Lee 10.8.2022
Liz and Lee – Cycling partners for 50 years in Golden Gate Park