Putin’s nuclear sabre rattling shakes World 60 years after Cuban Missile Crisis

Lee Heidhues 10.9.2022

I was in High School when the Cuban Missile Crisis totally upended my life. The entire Planet Earth was transfixed with the looming spectre of nuclear war. 

It was genuinely terrifying. 

14 Cuban Missile Crisis.jpg

Years before the Internet people were glued to their television sets, radios and newspapers as the Crisis unfolded.

10 Cuban Missile Crisis

13 Cuban Missile Crisis
President Kennedy meets the Generals during the Cuban Missile Crisis
9 Cuban Missile Crisis
President Kennedy and Russian Premier Khruschchev in Herblock cartoon during the Cuban Missile Crisis



Now we have Vladimir Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons as his war of aggression falters in Ukraine.

We can only watch and wait.


4 Putin nuclear threat
Vladimir Putin rattles his Nuclear sabres as his War of Aggression in Ukraine falters
5 Putin nuclear threat
Putin’s Guns of October 2022

7 Putin nuclear threat.jpg

Perhaps the best cinematic take on the Cuban Missile Crisis is the 2000 film “Thirteen Days.” For those of you who want a quick primer on this terrifying period 60 years ago the movie is a good place to start.