Where’s the San Francisco Chronicle?SFPD facing growing questions nationally.

 Lee Heidhues 11.1.2022

The San Francisco Chronicle is lazy.  Or the Chronicle doesn’t want to ruffle feathers in the cloistered San Francisco Police Department.

Here is an important story about the attempted assassination of Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on October 28.

Am I reading it in The San Francisco Chronicle?  The City’s daily newspaper of record.

Why is The Chronicle not first on top of this story?

Answer:  The cozy relationship between The Chronicle, the SFPD and City Hall which The Chronicle fears to disrupt.

Instead, I’m reading it in the Washington Post.  The Chronicle should be intimately familiar with the Post.  And, not just because it is famous for breaking the story in 1972 about the Watergate break-in scandal which brought down President Nixon.

The Chronicle’s current Editor, Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, is a former Editor at the Washington Post.

Excerpted from The Washington Post 11.1.2022

Pelosi assault IV 11.1.2022
San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott

San Francisco police officials also are facing growing questions nationally and locally, including from Nancy Pelosi’s neighbors, about why there wasn’t a more consistent presence outside the speaker’s home, given the intensity of the threats that she and other lawmakers have faced as well as previous incidents at the residence.

Officials with the San Francisco Police Department repeatedly declined to comment on security measures around Pelosi’s house in the city’s posh Pacific Heights neighborhood, including whether there was an alarm system at the residence that would have triggered an alert with the department.

Inside the command center for the U.S. Capitol Police, a handful of officers were going through their routines early Friday morning, cycling through live feeds from the department’s 1,800 cameras used to monitor the nearby Capitol complex as well as some points beyond, when an officer stopped. On a screen showing a darkened street nearly 3,000 miles away, police lights were flashing outside the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), officials say.

If the Capitol Police were going to stop an attack at the home of any member of Congress, they had perhaps the best chance to do so at Pelosi’s, according to several current and former law enforcement officials, many of whom spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity because the break-in remains under investigation.

The officer in D.C. quickly pulled up additional camera angles from around Pelosi’s home and began to backtrack, watching recordings from the minutes before San Francisco police arrived. There, on camera, was a man with a hammer, breaking a glass panel and entering the speaker’s home, according to three people familiar with how Capitol Police learned of the break-in and who have been briefed on or viewed the video themselves.

On Friday, the Capitol Police never received an alert from the home security company, that person added. It was unclear if the system was armed at the time of the break-in.

Officials with the San Francisco Police Department repeatedly declined to comment on whether there was an alarm system at the house and if the department received an alert about the break-in besides the 911 call.

Pelosi assault V 11.1.2022
After the assault. Law enforcement is on the scene at Speaker Pelosi’s home. The FBI is a presence.

The 911 call and the struggle inside the home that followed have led to charges of attempted homicide of the speaker’s husband, and attempted kidnapping of the speaker, who is second in line to the presidency. The incident has also put a spotlight on the immensity — and perhaps the impossibility — of law enforcement’s task to protect the 535 members of Congress at a time of unprecedented numbers of threats against them.

The Capitol Police first installed cameras around Pelosi’s home more than eight years ago; she has an around-the-clock security detail; and for many months after the attacks of Jan. 6, 2021, a San Francisco police cruiser sat outside her home day and night. But hours after Pelosi left San Francisco last week and returned to D.C., much of the security left with her, and officers in Washington stopped continuously monitoring video feeds outside her house.

Pelosi assault VI 11.1.2022.jpg

Lots of yellow crime scene tape from the SFPD as questions go unanswered

Since Friday, neighbors said, at least three San Francisco police squad cars have been positioned outside the residence, along with unmarked black SUVs and plain-clothed security officers — often signals that the speaker is at home.

Pelosi’s house is also protected by a private security system, two people said. When tripped, that alarm is supposed to notify San Francisco police and, secondarily, the Capitol police, one of the added.



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