DA Jenkins going down. “This would be a firing offense… It is a misdemeanor.”

Lee Heidhues 11.2.2022

Predictably, the Apologists for the interim 153K “Volunteer” DA are in full throttle dismissing as so much sour grapes her incompetence, lack of ethics and, now, illegal actions.

London Breed is going to reap a political whirlwind for appointing this unqualified Political Hack who she thought would cover her own wrongdoing.

Both London Breed and Brooke Jenkins deserve to be tossed from office. NOW!!!

By the Way. Joe Eskenazi is the Mission Local reporter who broke this story. The same reporter who broke the story on the illegal residency of Leanna Louie in D4 (a close  associate of Brooke in the political lynching of Chesa Boudin). Within days Louie’s candidacy was halted by an Order of the San Francisco Superior Court. That was a marker for the troubled interim DA.

84 Puppet DA and Leanna Louie.jpg
Soul sisters Leanna Louie and Brooke Jenkins. Collaborators in the ouster of Chesa Boudin

Leanna Louie’s illegal behavior, brought to light by Joe Eskenazi, is a Marker for the interim DA. She’s skating on thin legal ice.

Even her benefactor and protector, the equally compromised London Breed, will not be able to save Brooke Jenkins.


Excerpted from Mission Local 11.2.2022

In a potential violation of state law, then-Assistant District Attorney Brooke Jenkins last year sent sensitive files from the DA’s office to a fellow district attorney’s personal email account — and subsequently used the materials in the political campaign to oust DA Chesa Boudin.

Multiple calls, texts, and emails to Jenkins and her office made over the course of just shy of 24 hours have not been returned. 

Mission Local shared the details of the situation — but not the names of the individuals involved — with San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. He was unambiguous in his assessment. 

“In our office,” he said, “this would be a firing offense.” He added: “It is a misdemeanor offense to share a rap sheet for any purpose other than doing the prosecution.” 

Former Los Angeles DA Gil Garcetti concurred. “You should not be sending police reports or rap sheets to anyone who does not have a direct interest in the particular case,” he said. “If you cannot articulate a reason to get a rap sheet, you should not have it.” 

67 Jenkins 10.21.2021
How much longer will the troubled interim DA be able to parrot the law and order line?

The email, since obtained by Mission Local, was sent from Jenkins’ work account  to fellow Assistant District Attorney Don Du Bain on Oct. 9, 2021 — after both Jenkins and Du Bain had given notice and an interoffice email was circulated announcing their pending goodbye party. Both left the office on Oct. 16 of last year according to Department of Human Resources records.

The subject line of Jenkins’ email was “Troy McAllister Police reports.” It contained three police reports regarding the serial offender who, while driving intoxicated on Dec. 31, 2020, struck and killed two pedestrians. All three police reports were unredacted and — significantly — one contained a lengthy, unredacted rap sheet for McAllister dating back to 1993.