“I am disturbed that Jenkins improperly disclosed confidential information.”

Lee Heidhues 11.5.2022

Lost in the reporting about interim DA Brooke Jenkins  illegal handling of criminal files is the specific case being prosecuted.

Troy McAlister is the parolee who ran down and killed two women on New Year’s eve 2021. This incident became a linchpin for the Recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin.  For the next 18 months this crime was a main cudgel swung to politically lynch the Progressive DA on June 7, 2022.

Brooke Jenkins had no involvement in this prosecution when she worked for Chesa Boudin. Yet, after handing in her resignation in October 2021 and before exiting her job, she transmitted crucial files to Don duBain at his personal email. He, too, resigned from Chesa Boudin’s staff and went to work on the Recall.

The reason Jenkins and duBain took the McAlister case files as they walked out the door is painfully obvious. They planned to use these protected criminal case files to destroy Chesa Boudin.

Brooke Jenkins and Don duBain did just exactly that.


Following is a statement released by the San Francisco Public Defender on November 4, 2022.

SAN FRANCISCO – This week, Mission Local reported that days before Brooke Jenkins and Don du Bain were slated to leave the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office in October 2021, Jenkins improperly sent records to du Bain’s personal email which pertain to Troy McAlister, including his rap sheet. Jenkins and duBain never worked on Mr. McAlister’s pending case, but referenced information contained in those materials as the two campaigned for the recall of their former boss, Chesa Boudin. Today, Deputy Public Defender Scott Grant, who represents Mr. McAlister, issued the following statement:

“As Troy McAlister’s attorney, I am extremely disturbed that Brooke Jenkins improperly disclosed confidential information pertaining to Mr. McAlister, including his rap sheet, which is subject to stringent confidentiality requirements in our criminal system. Neither Ms. Jenkins nor Mr. du Bain ever appeared on the Troy McAlister case, were assigned to the case, or were supervisors of the prosecutor on the case. I have no reason to think that Ms. Jenkins and Mr. du Bain had any legitimate basis to access the records, not to mention disseminate those records outside of confidential channels.

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Our criminal legal system gives law enforcement and prosecutors exceptional powers, including access to incredibly sensitive information. Our system justifies this power by requiring that the information will only be used for legitimate prosecutorial reasons, not personal or political reasons. When prosecutors use information for personal or political reasons, it destroys all trust that the prosecutor can carry out their public duties in an unbiased and ethical manner.

Mr. McAlister has already been used as a political pawn, and this revelation just makes clearer that his case has become about politics.

We are exploring all of the options available to address the violation of Mr. McAlister’s rights, including the possibility of filing a motion for the court to disqualify the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office from the prosecution.”

Statement from Troy McAlister’s Public Defender on the DA Sharing of Confidential Case Files

Attached is one of the original reports about the Incident.


Top photo – San Francisco police investigate the scene of a fatal hit-and-run on Second Street just north of Mission Street on Thursday. Parolee Troy Ramon McAlister, 45, has been accused of killing two pedestrians. 1.1.2021