JFK Promenade the rallying place as election day approaches

Lee Heidhues 11.5.2022

Election day is only three days away and on a rainy Saturday the supporters gathered one last time to preserve JFK Promenade.

The People in San Francisco who are working to preserve less than three miles of space as a car free oasis in Golden Gate Park and along the Pacific Ocean at The Great Walkway have waged a 2 1/2 year struggle.

Now the battle is reaching its judgment day as the voters of San Francisco will decide. Those who want these areas where people can mingle and not fear the automobile have to fight back against an entrenched community of motorists. In addition the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco has poured its vast resources to destroy JFK Promenade and The Great Walkway.

On the march on JFK Promenade
The people rally on a drizzly Saturday to save JFK Promenade
People of all ages on a rainy afternoon on JFK Promenade

Liz Heidhues and David Miles, The Godfather of Skate, parley on JFK Promenade
Rallying for Yes on J – Safe Parks for All
David Miles and the merry band of skaters do their dance for Yes on J
Cycling along on JFK Promenade in Golden Gate Park at The Rose Garden

After the JFK Promenade event Liz and I went into the De Young to check out the action and despite the false cries of Museum management that car free areas negatively impact attendance we found large throngs of visitors.

The crowds were attending the various exhibits and the Museum Cafe was totally packed with lunchtime diners. Including Liz and me.

The deep lines at the DeYoung Museum entrance
De Young Museum guests throng to the Ramses Exhibit
An exhausted Baby Boomer outside the Ramses Exhibit
In order to prevail on election day the voters must Vote YES on Proposition J to preserve JFK Promenade and Vote NO on Proposition I. The Measure placed on the ballot by the DeYoung Museum. It would destroy JFK Promenade as well as The Great Walkway at the Pacific Ocean, miles away from the DeYoung Museum.