German Coup – Plotters’ “aim” was to overthrow the government

Lee Heidhues 12.8.2022

It is nearly 90 years since Adolf Hitler attempted his foiled Beer Hall Putsch in Munich. The Coup failed. Hitler was jailed briefly. Upon his release he organized his Nazi followers and seized power on January 30, 1933 after winning an election complete with violence and intimidation of the Nazi opponents. Ushering in 12 years of terror, genocide and World War II.

The remnants of Hitler’s reign have never been eradicated as the arrests of the anti-government far right protestors, which include wealthy and connected shows. Nazism is alive and all too well in modern day Germany.

Perhaps most disturbing is the fact Q’Anon supporters were involved in the Coup attempt. The same Q’Anon which was involved in Trump’s attempted Coup d’etat on January 6, 2021.

The Trial of Adolf Hitler – The Beer Hall Putsch and The Rise of Nazi Germany

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 12.8.2022

As investigators comb through evidence collected in raids targeting a far-right plot aiming to topple the German government, officials are indicating that the number of people involved could grow.

The head of Germany’s criminal police (BKA), Holger Münch, said Thursday that two more individuals were found to be connected to the anti-government plot, bringing the total number of suspects to 54. The number of suspects could continue to grow, he told the ARD public broadcaster. 

Münch said other people had been “identified” and police were working to determine their status in relation to the network. At least 25 people have been arrested so far in connection with the plot. 

“You can’t say that a group comprising a two-digit or perhaps small three-digit number of people was in a position to truly put the German state system in doubt, let alone shatter it,” Münch said.

“But we do have a dangerous mixture of people here, following irrational convictions, some of them with a lot of money and others in possession of weapons, and with a plan that they do want to carry out,” Münch said. “And that does make it dangerous and that’s why we have now intervened and put up a clear ‘stop’ sign.” 

German police take away Coup plotter – 12.7.2022

He said this involved conducted arrests, carrying out searches, widening the investigators’ net further and trying to get an even clearer picture of the group and the plot’s capabilities.

Prosecutors had said on Wednesday that the plotters’ “aim” was to overthrow the government, and that they were willing to use violence and even murder to achieve it; but they had said less about how viable or advanced the plot was. 

Wednesday’s search operation is reported to have covered 150 properties in 11 German states. Weapons were found at more than 50 of the properties searched, Münch had said Wednesday evening. The network is connected to the far-right “Reichsbürger” movement, a loosely connected group that has called for the dissolution of the German state and government. 

German police arrest Coup plotters – 12.7.2022

The interior minister of Germany’s Thuringia, Georg Maier, told DLF broadcaster on Thursday that more arrests were “expected” after police had time to process and analyze evidence seized during the raids, including cell phones.

Germany’s far-right scene has a strong presence in the eastern state, which is home to a hunting lodge owned by suspected Reichsbürger ringleader, Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss, and which is now the scene of an investigation. The 71-year-old Reuss, who comes from an aristocrat family, was arrested at his house in Frankfurt on Wednesday.

Maier added that the far-right party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) had provided a forum for anti-government rhetoric in Thuringia, and elsewhere.

“The AfD has become more and more radicalized. It spreads these conspiracy fantasies and fantasies of overthrowing [the government],” Maier said. The AfD is already being monitored in Thuringia for suspected “anti-constitutional” activities.

Top photo – Supporters of Far Right party Alternative for Deutschland on the march in September 2022. One of the arrested plotters is a former AfD member of the German parliament and a retired Judge.