Kit Lam – The politics of personal destruction in San Francisco

Lee Heidhues 12.9.2022

Man Kit Lam is a vindictive notorious reactionary political operative who has strewn a path of political destruction against those with whom he disagrees across the City’s landscape during the past two years.

Kit Lam was a major figure in the Recall of three School Board members in February 2022.

Kit Lam was a major instigator in the political coup d’etat which ousted Progressive San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin in June 2022.

Kit Lam is a former Hong Kong law enforcement officer.

Kit Lam is a former San Francisco Unified School District address fraud inspector.

Supervisor elect Joel Engardio with his gate keeper in waiting Man Kit Lam

Kit Lam is now in line, according to at least one press report, to become a legislative aide to recently elected San Francisco Supervisor in waiting Joel Engardio, whose campaign he managed. Engardio was elected to office based on his support of the School Board and Chesa Boudin recalls. Engardio is also a founder of the strident Law and Order group Stop Crime SF.

Perhaps Kit Lam’s most dangerous action was his vicious pursuit of Jason Kruta, a young man who in a rash moment tried to take petitions being circulated during the School Board Recall campaign.

.Man Kit Lam stands over Mayor London Breed’s shoulder at the swearing in of DA Brooke Jenkins 7.8.22 | Paul Kuroda -The Standard

Kit Lam hectored San Francisco officialdom to make sure Kruta was charged with a crime.

Kit Lam then proceeded to sue Kruta in Superior Court to further harass Kruta. A matter which is still pending.

Recently it was announced that Kruta has paid price in the criminal justice system. The penalty, at least in Kit Lam’s mind, was insufficient.

Kit Lam’s Twitter blast leveled at Jason Kruta

Kit Lam has now taken to Twitter to blast what he feels is a soft punishment administered to Kruta. The irony here is that the woman he enthusiastically backed to replace Chesa Boudin, the current DA Brooke Jenkins, was in office while Kruta’s punishment was administered.

Kit Lam is saying nothing about the DA’s crime fighting decisions now despite the fact crime is running rampant in San Francisco.

Kit Lam is also taking aim at the DSA, Democrat Socialists of America in a vicious attack of red baiting.

It is disturbing to realize that Kit Lam in his role as an aide to Supervisor Engardio will have access to records and information not available to the average citizen.

Jason Kruta is a know(n) DSA member

Top Photo – Man Kit Lam argues with The Reverend Amos Brown, pastor Third Baptist Church and former D5 Supervisor, at a School Board meeting earlier this year.