New Years by the Cliff House – Pictures at an Exhibition by the Sea

Lee Heidhues 1.1.2023 (Updated 1.2.2023)

The road from 48th Avenue in the northwest corner of San Francisco winding down the hill past the Cliff House is still closed as The City ponders the danger resulting from the New Year’s Eve landslide.

The Road is still closed to vehicular traffic as landslide danger remains – January 2, 2023

It was an incredible never to be witnessed, again, moment at the San Francisco coastline by the historic Cliff House.

It made me think of the final piece in Modest Mussorgsky’s 1874 Pictures at an Exhibition – The Great Gate of Kiev. After all the northwest corner of San Francisco is the Gateway to the Pacific Ocean. The orchestral piece is attached below.

On this morning, because of a landslide across from the Cliff House during New Year’s Eve Atmospheric River, vehicular traffic was banned.

For a brief shining moment on this sunny January 1, 2023 the roadway leading to the car free Great Walkway was devoid of cars.

It was all pedestrians, cyclists and runners as the following photo montage will forever memorialize.

Two runners pass by the landslide
A pair of cyclists climb the car free hill
Walkers on a road devoid of cars with the Pacific Ocean in the background
Runners and pedestrians enjoy the car free moment
A cyclist makes the steep climb past the Cliff House
Inspecting the site of the landslide on New Year’s Day 2023
A seabird enjoys the car free peace and quiet while surveying the Pacific Ocean
Lands End Lookout up the hill from The Cliff House
Keeping the cars away on New Year’s Day 2023
The Great Gate of Kiev to accompany the once in a lifetime photo montage of a car free road by the Cliff House