‘hoods flooded with several feet of water as Breed partied in Vegas

Lee Heidhues 1.5.2023

It was a wild New Year’s weekend for San Francisco’s Mayor while the City was submerged in an Atmospheric River.

I am not begrudging Mayor London Breed her party time in Las Vegas. On New Year’s Day The Mayor camped out in a luxury box watching the 49ers battle the Raiders.

However, the optics look bad. Particularly when one watches the video of The Mayor hangin’ with Rapper E-40 shouting “Bang!!! Bang!!!

Meanwhile back in San Francisco, The Mayor’s constituency was recovering from a deluge of 5.46″ of rainfall in 24 hours. The second most recorded rainfall for a day in The City’s history.

What makes The Mayor’s jaunt to Vegas annoying is the fact the Mayor, after her return, blamed The National Weather Service for an alleged failure to warn City Hall about the severity of the storm which hit on New Year’s Eve.

Excerpted from San Francisco Standard 1.5.2023

San Francisco found itself deeply under water on New Year’s Eve to the surprise of Mayor London Breed and other city officials, who said they were expecting less than an inch of rain.

But a day after parts of the Mission, SoMa and other to watch the San Francisco 49ers play the Raiders from a private luxury box with rapper E-40. Two days later, Breed blamed the National Weather Service for the city’s failure to adequately prepare for the storm. 

The atmospheric River in San Francisco at Powell and Sutter Streets

E-40, the celebrated Bay Area hip-hop entertainer and entrepreneur, posted an Instagram reel Tuesday that shows Breed with him and others in a midfield luxury box at the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

Breed’s trip to Vegas took place just hours after she attended a lavish New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco with some of the city’s most powerful elected officials—as well as a convicted felon involved in the corruption scandal that has rocked City Hall for the last three years.

The mayor’s revelry took place less than a day after the city was caught off guard by a historic storm.

Photos posted of the “Glitterati” party on social media by a mayoral staffer show guests drinking champagne, dancing to a live band, watching acrobats take flight and even taking in a burlesque show. The party took place at Saint Joseph’s Arts Society.

Waterlogged in San Francisco

As an atmospheric river over the holiday weekend dropped more than 5 inches of rain, New Year’s Eve marked the second-highest recorded day of rainfall in San Francisco history.

City agencies in San Francisco were unprepared for the weekend storm as multiple neighborhoods were flooded, and low-lying parts of the Mission District were hit particularly hard. More storms are expected in the days to come.

Mayor Breed partying with rapper E-40 at the 49ers-Raiders game in Las Vegas