Delivering a blast-Political movies in America-Few and far between

Lee Heidhues 4.14.2023

Photos – Liz Heidhues and Lee Heidhues

Today Liz and I went to see the incendiary political messaging film “How to Blow Up a Pipeline.” The story of a group of young adults who have been physically and psychologically damaged by the ravages of the oil industry.

They come together and do something about the grievances they’ve suffered.

The director has successfully conveyed the story without being judgmental either about the cause the protagonists espouse or about the individuals themselves. It’s a fascinating, well done piece of political film making.

Liz and I were the only ones at the mid morning screening. So, we had the luxury of being able to literally take screen shots throughout the 100 minute film.

The landscape of the movie is beautiful. It was filmed in New Mexico, directly adjacent to West Texas where the story takes place.