Livin’ in the USA. Brooke Jenkins crime fighter San Francisco edition

Lee Heidhues 4.14.2023

I couldn’t say it better myself.

Liz Heidhues (@simbagirrl) put this on Twitter for all the World to See and Hear with a soundtrack provided by San Francisco’s own homegrown Steve Miller Blues Band.

Livin’ in the USA . Brooke Jenkins, London Breed, Emilio Ruiz-Garcia edition

Liz Heidhues 4.14.2023 as seen on Twitter @simbagirrl

Good Grief!!

San Francisco Chronicle Open Forum – I choose to remain in San Francisco – 4.14.2023

Notorious San Francisco MAGA Mouthpieces

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz – San Francisco Chronicle editor in chief

San Francisco Chronicle went into overdrive. Selected dramatic atypical crime to sensationalize and publicize the puppet DA

Brooke Jenkins – San Francisco District Attorney and her band of political groupies

Mayor London Breed

San Francisco Police Department – Emotion dominates reason, sells papers

San Francisco Chronicle – Survey: S.F. residents feeling of safety drops to 27-year low – 4.14.2023


Livin’ in the USA – Steve Miller Band ‘Sailor’ album 1969

Top photo – Police make arrest in Lee stabbing death – SF Chronicle page one – 4.14.2023