Sutter St. San Francisco straddles two diverse neighborhoods

Lee Heidhues 5.7.2023

Sutter Street in San Francisco straddles two diverse neighborhoods in changing San Francisco.

To the south side of Sutter Street is the Western Addition which formerly was a historically Black neighborhood until Redevelopment and gentrification moved out a sizable number of its earlier homeowners and residents.

On the north side of Sutter Street is the edge of wealthy Pacific Heights from which San Francisco’s power elite have ruled the City since its inception over 150 years ago.

Historic Macedonia Baptist Church on the south side of Sutter Street
Tree lined and hard to find parking Sutter Street looking west
A local citizen goes through his belongings on Sutter Street
Inspecting his life’s possessions
Church of God in Christ at Sutter and Lyon Streets
A well worn bulletin board welcomes the faithful to Church of God in Christ
The top of Sutter Street at Presidio Avenue looking north towards Pacific Heights
Passengers on the 38R Geary line which serves nearby Sutter Street

Top photo – Church of God in Christ on Sutter Street, San Francisco