San Francisco Supervisors weak and worthless in the extreme

Lee Heidhues 5.8.2023

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are weak and worthless in the extreme limiting themselves to a polite unctuous callow call for a Resolution requesting release of the video showing the murder of Banko Brown by a Walgreens rent a cop.

The District Attorney a complete political creature who owes her job to Mayor London Breed, currently off on a junket to Israel, has already decided not to prosecute the perpetrator.

Ethically compromised DA Brooke Jenkins must be loving every minute of it as the Supervisors, who can’t even get a majority to sign on, are set to pass this mindless Resolution. Not even worth the paper it is printed on.

It’s emblematic of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors gutless political dialogue coming from elected officials that Senator Scott Wiener, who at best remained silent during the recall of DA Chesa Boudin and at worst supported it, is at least obliquely criticizing the DA. Even this politician is calling for release of the incriminating video.

Buyer’s Remorse? – Senator Scott Wiener takes exception to the actions, or lack thereof, by DA Brooke Jenkins. An opportunistic conniving politician he helped foist into office over the political body of Chesa Boudin.

Excerpted from The San Francisco Standard 5.8.2023

The Board of Supervisors is expected to pass a resolution urging the public release of all information gathered by police in the Banko Brown killing on Tuesday—but won’t be pursuing an earlier call by Board President Aaron Peskin that would have urged District Attorney Brooke Jenkins to file new charges in the case.

Banko Brown Case

Last week, Peskin said that he would formally ask the board to urge District Attorney Brooke Jenkins to reconsider her decision to not charge Walgreens security guard Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony in the shooting death of activist Banko Brown in an alleged shoplifting incident. 

In a statement last Monday, Jenkins said that “releasing video, or any other evidence at this time could compromise the investigation.”

DA Brooke Jenkins with SFPD Chief Bill Scott. His cops arrested the Walgreens security guard following the murder of Banko Brown. The DA shortly thereafter said she couldn’t get a conviction. He was released from custody.

That ask has now evolved into a resolution urging Jenkins “to release police reports, witness accounts and video” of the incident, “that form the factual basis in the case presented by the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) for filing charges by the District Attorney.” 

Once passed, the board will join state Sen. Scott Wiener in calling for the public release of information around the Brown case. But those calls are putting lawmakers at odds with Jenkins, who said on Monday that releasing evidence in the case would compromise the investigation.  

Supervisors Connie Chan, Joel Engardio, Myrna Melgar and Shamann Walton are co-sponsoring the resolution, which is nonbinding. 

“We need to see the video first,” Peskin texted The Standard Monday, explaining the change. 

Co-sponsor Engardio worked with Peskin to amend the resolution. 

Angry and outraged friends and family of Banko Brown addressed the Board of Supervisors for over two hours

“It was premature to call for a different decision when we had not seen all of the evidence,” Engardio told The Standard in a text. “There is also the question of administrative interference, which supervisors are not allowed to do under the city charter. 

“This is an extraordinary case and I believe it is in the public interest for supervisors to call for the release of the video and evidence,” Engardio added.