Liz Heidhues-Martial arts devotee-Moves closer to Black Belt

Lee Heidhues 5.9.2023

Liz Heidhues today received her Blue Belt in martial arts. The seventh on her road to Black Belt.

Following the first of her two false Citizen’s Arrests and jailing in April 2018 (the second took place less than two years later in February 2020) Liz Heidhues enrolled in the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy on Clement Street in San Francisco.

Engagement in this centuries old art has been the vehicle for Liz to maintain her self esteem and self respect.

Having been abused by the San Francisco Police Department and the Superior Court who actively collaborated in the settling of a dispute between neighbors Liz needed a vehicle to move beyond the inexplicable and horrific treatment.

Though Liz has been traumatized and still lives on a daily basis with the knowledge the abuse has never ended, she has achieved the latest accolade as she moves towards the penultimate in martial arts. A Black belt.

Liz shows off her Purple Belt – September 15, 2022
Liz in action at the Tat Wong school
Liz array of belts she has earned since 2018
Liz puts on her moves in the family kitchen
It’s been a long journey. Liz receiving her first Belt in December 2018

Top photo – Liz Heidhues with Blue Belt – May 9, 2023