Mainstream media out to destroy San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin

The mainstream media’s unceasing, dishonest and disingenuous attacks on District Attorney Chesa Boudin are an insult to San Francisco. In office for a year the DA has implemented many policies he advocated during his victorious campaign.

The MSM is doing the work of the Police Officers Association which spent nearly $1,000,000 to defeat Chesa Boudin in 2019.

Unable to sink their collective teeth into a tabloid style scandal the mainstream media in the most craven manner has become fixated on the New Year’s Eve tragic deaths of two women on the streets of San Francisco.

Chesa X 1.8.2020.jpg

DA Chesa Boudin being sworn in January 8, 2020 as Mayor London Breed and Chesa’s wife Dr. Valerie Block look on

Their deaths were caused by a parolee who, by many accounts, should have been in jail.

The entire onus has shamelessly been placed on the shoulders of the District Attorney by a sensationalized local media.

Enlightened media outlets have put out a more nuanced and balanced story. Regrettably these outlets do not have the audience of the MSM.

Last Sunday the San Francisco Chronicle ran a scurillous editorial damning Chesa and taking several shots at progressive District Attorneys. I wrote a letter to the editor. It has not been published. It follows.

The crime by Troy McAlister resulting in the deaths of two women on New Year’s Eve is reprehensible. Particularly for their families. The Chronicle is taking advantage of a criminal act and tragedy to destroy the District Attorney. It is simply wrong to state that Chesa Boudin has failed to take responsibility. He has consistently assumed accountability in several media appearances. The DA has stated that the responsibility is shared. The District Attorney, Department of Corrections, San Francisco and Daly City Police Departments. He will carry the psychological burden with him long after leaving office. The editorial glaringly states its real agenda. Frustration that its preferred candidate was defeated in 2019 and a slap at progressive justice. The Police Officers Association, which spent nearly 1MM to defeat the DA, must be ecstatic that the Chronicle is doing its bidding for them.

Writing in 48 Hills long time local journalist Tim Redmond has published two recent pieces.

The first (1.5.2021) is a detailed analysis of the New Year’s Eve tragedy and the relationship of several law enforcement agencies; San Francisco Police Department, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Daly City Police Department and San Francisco District Attorney.

The second (1.14.2021) is a retort to the Chronicle editorial. It includes letters to the editor which the paper squelched.

Top photo – DA Boudin with Mayor London Breed

How embedded is insurrectionist support within Washington law enforcement?

The fear that despite having 20,000 armed soldiers at the inauguration the insurrectionists who besieged Congress on January 6, 2021 will be back on January 20.

Even more insidious is the concern not voiced in the mainstream media that those who stormed Washington DC in their abortive Coup D’Etat have active support within law enforcement.

This is a concern which is understandably NOT where the American political Establishment wants to go. Its end game is terrifying.

Excerpted from The Nation 1.13.2021 – Elie Mystal

Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20. He could choose to observe this ritual in a bunker or on a plane or in a box with a fox. Instead, however, he will do it on an open-air platform erected just outside the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

2 Inaugural 1.13.2021.jpg

Biden is taking what precautions he can. Reports indicate that he is changing his Secret Service detail to bring on agents who served him while he was vice president. It’s a wise move, but how in the hell does that help Kamala Harris?

Biden has to be there, but Kamala Harris does not. Nor does Nancy Pelosi. The principle of protecting the continuity of the government suggests that Harris and Pelosi, who are respectively the first and second in line to assume the presidency should something happen to Biden, must be shielded at all costs during Biden’s big day.

The problem is, even more than a celebration, we deserve Harris alive.

I don’t think the MAGA crowd can overcome the United States paramilitary apparatus that is set to be deployed to defend our government. I don’t think law enforcement can be overpowered in a repeat of its January 6 failures—unless, that is, its members want to be overpowered. We still haven’t wrestled with the fact that the people who stormed the Capitol clearly benefited from inside help—or at least from permissiveness from members of the Capitol Police.

3 Inaugural 1.13.2021.jpg

Ayanna Pressley reports that the panic buttons had been ripped out of her office. Women of color like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush all recount harrowing experiences. Jim Clyburn says the mob found his private, unmarked office—not the one with his name on the door. Nobody knows if people of color in Congress are safe from their own law enforcement.

Nor will we have found all the violent white supremacists currently embedded in the National Guard. Or working for the Secret Service.

As it is, the Secret Service is investigating one of its own for posting a pro-Trump meme and praising the rioters who stormed the Capitol. The Washington Post reports that the meme shows Trump shaking hands with himself under the caption, “Here’s to the peaceful transition of power.”
We know, at the very least, that many in law enforcement sympathize with Trump because their unions almost universally endorsed him. Most people reacted to the police union endorsement of Trump as mere politics, but Black people have been trying to tell the rest of you for years that the police are aligned with white supremacist forces in this country.

Some of the people who participated in and incited the insurrection have already blended back in with the rest of society. That’s because they were allowed to just walk away—because the cops didn’t make mass arrests at the scene of the violence. And so, we might never catch all of the law enforcement personnel who breached the Capitol. We certainly won’t catch all the law enforcement personnel who stayed outside but cheered them on.

11 Trump riot 1.6.2021

States of Siege around the globe and in the United States of America

Every Picture Tells a Story – Ongoing Insurrection series

Top photo – US inspired Coup d’etat in Chile 9.11.1973 resulting in overthrow of democratically elected regime of Salvador Allende

Shown below – Updated 2004 Time Magazine cover from US Iraqi invasion to reflect the current State of Siege in America.

Reichstag Fire. Berlin 2.27.1933 cemented Adolf Hitler’s grip on power in Germany.

What Trump Wrought

1 Reichstag fire 2.27.19332 Reichstag fire 2.27.1933



What Coup D’Etat? Kamala Harris Vogue cover causes controversy

COUP D’ETAT, INSURRECTION, and IMPEACHMENT may be words of the week in most news outlets following the Trump inspired assault on Washington January 6.

It’s reassuring?? to know that Fashionistas still have their own priorities and are dispensing with some Glitterati critique for the incoming Veep in these nightmarish final days of Trump.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 1.11.2021

A “washed-out mess” or “sloppy work”? Social media users blasted the chosen photo, while the VP-elect’s team reportedly asked for another.
The pictures were shot by Tyler Mitchell, who gained fame as the first Black photographer to shoot an American Vogue cover in the magazine’s history — it featured Beyoncé in 2018. While Mitchell did not directly weigh in on the debate on Sunday, he tweeted the cover of Harris in the powder blue suit that evening.

Vogue Kamala Harris III 1.11.2021

Vogue Kamala Harris I 1.11.2021

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, the first woman of color to hold the second-highest office in the US, will appear on the cover of fashion magazine Vogue in February. Yet the image chosen came under fire for being poorly lit and styled after the magazine tweeted it on Sunday.

In the picture in question — one of two that will be used for the digital version of the magazine — the Vice President-Elect stands in front of a pink drape with a pale green background, casually dressed in a two-piece suit and Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

One Twitter user called it “a washed-out mess.”

Another felt it disrespected the Vice President-Elect in its sloppiness. “Folks who don’t get why the Vogue cover of VP-Elect Kamala Harris is bad are missing the point. The pic itself isn’t terrible as a pic. It’s just far, far below the standards of Vogue. They didn’t put thought into it. Like homework finished the morning it’s due,” wrote LGTBQ rights activist Charlotte Clymer.

Later on Sunday evening, the magazine released a second image that featured Harris dressed more formally in a powder blue suit in front of a gold backdrop.

George Orwell comes to true life in 2021

Every Picture Tells a Story – Insurrection series

Three huge screens of Trump with the backdrop of the White House on January 6, 2021.

It looks like a scene straight out of a cinematic remake of George Orwell’s novel 1984.

This is not fiction.  It is Donald Trump inciting his crowd of Fascist Proud Boys, QAnon and fellow travelers to storm the halls of Congress.

2 1984 1.6.2021.jpg

1 1984 1.6.2021.jpg

3 Trump riot 1.6.2021

Joan Baez. A true symbol of Peace turns 80 as America rids itself of Trump

It’s refreshing and reassuring to realize there are women like Joan Baez.

When I was coming of age in the ’60s her music and political activisim were a fixture of American culture and politics during the American imperialist Vietnam war and closer to home, the civil rights movement.

Joan Baez must be appalled but not surprised at the coup d’etat attempt by Trump and his unhinged nihilistic Nazi like bands of thugs.

Excertped from Deutsche Welle 1.9.2021

DW’s Susanne Spröer recalls how Baez changed her life. –

Joan Chandos Baez was born on January 9, 1941 in Staten Island, New York to Albert Baez, a Mexican-born physicist, and Joan Bridge, born in Scotland. She was the second of three daughters.

Her father’s work led the family to move often; they lived on the East Coast of the US, then in Baghdad, Iraq (where the 10-year-old Joan read The Diary of Anne Frank), and later in California. Throughout her childhood and youth, Joan suffered from anxiety attacks and found it difficult to connect with her peers. Her family was her refuge.

That all changed when Joan was given a ukulele. All of a sudden, the outsider — who had been marginalized in school by the white kids because her skin was too dark, and by the Mexican kids because she couldn’t speak Spanish — found her place by playing songs in the schoolyard for the other school children.

Her first act of civil disobedience came at around that time too: She boycotted a nuclear war exercise she felt was ridiculous. From then on, she remained committed to music, and to social activism. She enjoyed being the center of attention.

To become a top singer in her school choir, she’d invent exercises to train her voice at home. A voice that Time magazine later described “as clear as air in the autumn, a vibrant, strong, untrained and thrilling soprano.”

Joan Baez also had a key experience at the age of 13. In the spring of 1954, her aunt and uncle took her to a concert by folk singer Pete Seeger. An exception in the dazzling music industry of the ’50s, Seeger stood for anti-elitist music.

“Sing with me. Sing for you. Make your own music,” he told the audience. His message was that we should forget big stars — and that everybody should be one.

Joan was electrified. She wanted to make music, and the music she wanted to make was folk. She started practicing folk songs.

In 1958, her family moved to Boston, which was at the heart of the folk revival scene. Joan studied acting, worked on the side — and got her first gig at Club 47 in Cambridge. She was paid $10, and 12 people showed up — mostly family or friends.

Barefoot and in a long dress, she accompanied herself on the guitar, an exotic beauty with a voice clear as a bell, concentrated, intense and natural. It was nothing like the often overdressed showbiz blondes of the time.

Soon more and more people wanted to hear her sing songs such as “John Riley,” “Silver Dagger” or “All My Trials.” In July 1959 she performed at the Newport Folk Festival. Her short performance was a bombshell.

Joan Baez II 9.21.2021.jpg

Cover Time Magazine – 1962

Outdoing each other with superlatives, newspapers described her as the “musical Madonna” — long before the other Madonna would stir the music scene. It was the beginning of a six-decade career with more than 30 multi-award winning albums.

The 22-minute piece, “Where Are You Now, My Son?” (one side of the album of the same name), is a unique depiction of the Vietnam War, a collage of sounds, conversations and singing accompanying the lament of a mother who has lost her son.


Joan Baez – Vietnam war protest. Frankfurt, 1966

The sounds were recorded in Hanoi, where Joan Baez was stuck with a delegation of the peace movement around Christmas 1972. While the bombs were falling, Joan Baez was singing “Silent Night with the people around her. 

The “Christmas Bombings” were the heaviest bombardments by the US Air Force since the Second World War. Baez later wrote in her memoir, And a Voice to Sing With, that the album “is my gift to the Vietnamese people, and my prayer of thanks for being alive.” 

When the album was released in 1973, Joan Baez was 31 and a world star. Her performance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1959 had launched her meteoric career. Many of her records went gold. She was onstage at the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969 and also made Bob Dylan and his songs world famous (“Forever Young” is one of them). Those were just a few of her musical achievements.

Joan Baez III 9.21.2021.jpg

Joan Baez at Civil Rights march in Washington, DC August 1963

Inseparable from Joan Baez’ music was her political activism: In 1963, she marched side by side with Martin Luther King against racial segregation. She was later arrested during protests against the Vietnam War. 

In 1966, right in the middle of the Cold War, she was invited to perform in East Germany on May 1, International Workers’ Day. Rather than serving as the poster child of Communist authorities, she had dissident songwriter Wolf Biermann join her unannounced onstage at the East Berlin cabaret, Distel.

The state had already blacklisted and banned Biermann from performing publicly. But Baez wouldn’t toe any ideological line: She opposed oppression, whether from the right or the left. The concert was filmed for East German television but never broadcast.

If there’s one surprising thing in her career, it’s that she wasn’t inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until 2017.


Insurrection and Sedition. The Confederate flag in the Capital

Every  picture tells a Story – Insurrection edition

The Civil War ended in 1865. 

The insurrectionist terrorist thugs who invaded Washington DC on January 6, 2021 need to be tracked down by law enforcement and punished to the full extent of the law.

Listen to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynyrd and join the 24,000,000 who have listened to this hymn to the post Civil War South.

The composition is a paean to  the vicious racism which infected the American consciousness during the post Civil War Era of Reconstruction (1865-1877) and continues to flourish in 2021. 

WSJ Photo caption – A Trump supporter carried a Confederate battle flag in the Capitol.

Trump in his Final Days as Dr. Strangelove. Say it ain’t so, Nancy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so worried that the unhinged Trump will do something catastrophic as his Downfall approaches she felt compelled to meet with American military authorities.

The Speaker sought assurances that an increasingly desperate Trump is kept far away from the genuine Nuclear option.

Makes me think of the classic dystopian comedy ‘Dr. Strangelove’ (1964) directed by Stanley Kubrick during the Russian-American Cold War.  

I watched it again. The film is just as gripping and predictive of the danger of Nuclear war in 2021 as it was in 1964.

Particularly with Trump in the real life role of General Jack Ripper, portrayed by a cigar chewing Sterling Hayden (pictured below) in the film.

6 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

7. Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

4 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

The current Dr. Strangelove and the cinematic version portrayed by Peter Sellers (pictured above and below)

7 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

3 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

The final scene follows in the attached link.


A Night at the Garden. February 20, 1939. The precursor to January 6, 2021

The events of January 6, 2021 were presaged over 80 years ago.

The documentary “A Night in the Garden” was produced in 2017.  The first year of the Trump presidency. It was nominated for an Academy Award.  Fox News refused to run ads about the film.

Now, over 80 years later, the modern day version of over 20,000 American Nazis rallying in New York City’s historic Madison Square Garden has returned. This time in Washington DC.

3 Trump riot 1.6.2021

Fascist enabler Trump is responsible for this horrific desecration of American Democracy.

A link to film is attached, along with a Wikipedia piece.

1 A Night in the Garden 1.7.2021

2 A Night in the Garden 1.7.2021.jpg

3 A Night in the Garden 1.7.2021

Click to access 94680980.pdf

American insurrectionists take country into Nazi regime territory

Make no mistake what happened on January 6, 2021 can be compared to what happened in Germany during the Weimar Republic a century ago.

A fractured government led to the rise of the Nationalist Socialist party aka Nazis. Fueled by a weak economy and weak leadership the time was right for the rise of extremists.

Nazis in America 3.6.2019.jpg

American Nazis march in New York City – circa 1930’s

America has a long history of condoning and supporting violent right wing nihilist extremists both at the political and law enforcement level.

In America today the country is infested with  groups such as the Proud Boys,  QAnon and assorted incendiary nihilist insurrectionists. The administration of Trump enabled these groups. The generally vapid reaction by law enforcement to these extreme right wing racist and xenophobic marauders resulted in the shocking scenes of anarchy in Washington, DC.

The only way to deal with these mindless thugs is for the government to expend whatever law enforcement and judicial resources by any means necessary to crush this insurrection now.

Lee Heidhues

Fascism and Trump IV 8.26.2020Fascism and Trump III 8.26.2020

8 Trump riot 1.6.2021.jpg

1 Trump riot 1.6.2021.jpg

5 Trump riot 1.6.2021

7 Trump riot 1.6.2021.jpg

2 Trump riot 1.6.2021.jpg