Lazarus: Hillary says ‘many, many, many people’ are urging her to run in 2020

Why not?  HIllary got totally, pardon the expression, “Screwed” in 2016.  In case anyone fhas forgotten Hillary received THREE MILLION more votes than the failed game show host currently in residence at the While House.

Only in the absurd American system can someone receive THREE million more votes and lose an election.  We can thank the slave owning founding fathers who wanted to protect their plantation mentality for creation of the “Electoral College.”

Guess what? We have an incumbent today who most definitely has the “Plantation Mentality.”  The Founding Fathers got their wish, 230 years after this country received its “Independence.” Given the way things have matriculated we might have been better off as a subject of the British Crown.

Washington Post 11.12.2019

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she is under pressure from “many, many, many people” to pursue a 2020 White House bid, but signaled that she isn’t planning to run — at least, not at the moment.

In the interview, EmmaBarnett  on BBC Radio 5 pressed Clinton on whether she is ruling out a 2020 bid.


“Well, look, I, as I say, never, never, never say never,” Clinton replied. “And, I will certainly tell you, I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”



Clinton made the remark in a joint interview with her daughter, Chelsea, on BBC Radio 5 Live. The two are in Britain to promote their new book, “Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.”


Advisers to Clinton have said at various times over the past year that she is unwilling to completely shut the door to a potential 2020 bid.


In the Tuesday radio interview, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee was asked by host Emma Barnett about her future plans. Clinton replied that she wants to see President Trump “retired” and is “going to be helping our side try to put together the strongest possible campaign, which will be difficult.”



Hillary III 11.12.2019

“Are you going to run again?” Barnett asked.

“No,” Clinton replied. “Not, no. I’m –”


“That is 100 percent?” the host continued. “So in a few days, I’m not going to open my newspaper –”


“Well, you know, I’d never say never to anything,” Clinton said.


After Barnett pointed out that there are only “a few days left” within which to file for the nominating contests in the states with the earliest deadlines, Clinton acknowledged that “it’s way past time.” But she added that she thinks “all the time” about what kind of president she would have been.


“Look, whoever wins next time is going to have a big task trying to fix everything that’s been broken,” she said.


Analysis. DA Chesa Boudin and San Francisco Tenderloin Drug Dealers

This is an excellent analytical piece by Randy Shaw, publisher of Beyond Chron.  It cuts through all the superficial blather in the Media since Chesa’s victory as District Attorney. Randy’s insightful observations provide the first realistic perspective on what DA Boudin will be confronting when he takes office.

Beyond Chron -Randy Shaw 11.12.2019

A True Progressive Protects Low-Income Neighborhoods

After eight years of George Gascon refusing to vigorously prosecute Tenderloin drug dealers, many in the neighborhood were looking forward to Suzy Loftus permanently replacing him as San Francisco District Attorney. Loftus backed community demands around police redistricting in 2015 and was expected to stop the revolving door of drug dealer arrests that has long hurt the Tenderloin.

But Loftus lost and Chesa Boudin is the new District Attorney. He is unknown to many in the Tenderloin.  Some fear that his concern with mass incarceration—which most San Franciscans share—will lead him to refuse to prosecute a Tenderloin drug dealer demographic which is over 90% African American or Latino.

Some Tenderloin people felt Boudin’s election would be the worst thing that could happen to the neighborhood. But these critics are wrong. Here’s why.

Chesa Beyond Chron II 11.12.2019.jpg

Boudin a National Progressive

George  Gascon was not part of any criminal justice social movement. With his San Francisco political career launched by Gavin Newsom, he was never seen locally as “progressive.”

Gascon got burned soon after he became Police Chief in 2009 by arresting so many Tenderloin drug dealers that the Sherriff and Public Defender complained. As District Attorney he made sure not to repeat that “mistake.” Gascon also never built a political base which is why he would have lost re-election had he stayed in San Francisco.

Chesa Boudin has very different roots and priorities. He will be a District Attorney whose approach to low-income communities of color will become a national story. Unlike Gascon or any San Francisco District Attorney since Terrence Hallinan, he is a true progressive who does not feel low-income communities should be containment zones for drug dealers. When Boudin met with a member of my staff during the campaign he expressed surprise that there was not more police visibility in the Tenderloin.

Hallinan’s shortcoming was he won election as District Attorney without knowing how to run the office. In contrast,  Boudin’s tenure as deputy public defender educated him about how the District Attorney’s office operates. He knows how to end the revolving door that Tenderloin drug dealers arrested time and again have used to avoid prosecution.After all, the public defender’s office represents these criminal defendants.

Boudin ran an avowedly political campaign. This makes it a lot easier for the Tenderloin to hold him politically accountable for not serving the neighborhood. My sense is that he welcomes that accountability. He believes his office can help reduce drug dealing in the Tenderloin and elsewhere.

Mass Police Resignations?

There have been rumors of mass police resignations if Boudin were elected. This obviously concerns Tenderloin people as the neighborhood suffers from a lack of officers (which is why Tenderloin “beat patrols” are rarely seen). The Tenderloin has lacked officers since former Chief Suhr instituted a redistricting plan in 2015 that vastly expanded the district and left it understaffed. Residents, owners and nonprofit workers urged the Chief not to create a new Tenderloin Station and all of our predictions of increased drug activity and fewer officers have proved true.

I don’t know if these police resignations will occur. But I feel a disconnect from the officers I talk with in the Tenderloin and the angry, combative negativity expressed by the Police Officers Association (the POA). If an officer wants to leave because Boudin has a more progressive approach to criminal justice, the city may be better off without them.

If the POA feels it can make Boudin look bad by either leaving the SFPD understaffed or by not making arrests, they are making another political mistake. Boudin overcame a $600,000 independent expenditure campaign by the POA, and the voter backlash to that campaign likely helped elected him.The POA’s causing understaffing or not making arrests would just give Boudin an excuse for not succeeding.

Police officers certainly should leave if they do not want to work with Boudin as District Attorney. But no District Attorney could be more lenient on drug dealing and other crimes than George Gascon.

Give Boudin a Chance

I encourage Tenderloin folks upset with Boudin’s victory to give him a chance. D6 Supervisor Matt Haney actively campaigned for Boudin and has his own responsibility for reducing district drug dealing; Haney also needs a District Attorney who is aggressive in prosecuting D6 drug dealers, as voters will also blame the supervisor if the same dealers repeatedly return to the street.

The national movement for criminal justice reform does not want stories coming out of San Francisco about low-income communities of color suffering under an ideological driven “social justice” mayor. I don’t think Boudin fits that stereotype. I think he is a true progressive. That means he cares about the quality of life for the low-income and working-class residents of non-gentrified urban neighborhoods like San Francisco’s Tenderloin.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s office needs major change. And while Loftus supporters will still regret her defeat, the Tenderloin must now work with Chesa Boudin to  end public drug dealing in the neighborhood.

Violent beating of three seniors in Chinatown sparks fear, outrage

While law enforcement has been attacking the newly elected District Attorney, what have the San Francisco cops been doing for years to stop the senseless crime which is happening on their watch?  

The Police Officers Association can criticize the District Attorney.  That’s easy.

Law enforcement needs to take a hard look at itself. If the cops aren’t apprehending the suspects so that they can be prosecuted then the POA has no business calling out the DA.

San Francisco Chronicle 11.11.2019

The violent beating of three older men captured on video in San Francisco’s Chinatown over the weekend has sparked fear and outrage among some residents in the city’s Chinese-American community, who said they feel increasingly targeted following several high-profile attacks on the neighborhood’s most vulnerable residents.

Chinatown Beatings II 11.11.2019.jpg

No one has been arrested and no suspects have been identified in the attack. Supervisor Aaron Peskin, whose district includes Chinatown, visited the scene on Monday and said police believe the same vehicle in the attack was involved in another robbery the day before.

“We do not tolerate this violence in San Francisco,” he said. “We’re going to apprehend these criminals.”

In that case, a man violently wrestled a woman’s purse away from her outside the Garden Bakery on Jackson Street. He then jumped into an SUV matching the description from Saturday’s incident and disappeared.

“In almost 20 years on and off the board of supervisors, I’ve never seen violence like this in District Three, particularly in the senior-filled community of Chinatown,” Peskin said. “I am more than concerned about it.”

The police department has “saturated” the area with officers as investigators work to track down the group, Peskin said.

A citizen captured the disturbing video of the attack from an overhead perch, showing four assailants ambushing a group at Clay Street and Walter U. Lum Place on the southwest corner of Portsmouth Square just after 9 p.m. Saturday.

Officials said the violence erupted after one of the attackers ripped the cell phone from a man’s hand and others tried to intervene only to be pummeled.

One assailant cold-cocked a man with a sweeping roundhouse punch, leaving him unconscious on his back as others struggled in the street feet away. The marauders then jumped into a waiting sport utility vehicle and sped off.

Three victims, all men ages 63, 67 and 68, were left with varying injuries, police said. Two were treated at San Francisco General Hospital and later released. A third was checked out by paramedics and released at the scene.

District Attorney Elect Chesa Boudin discards POA toxins into trash bin

Every Picture Tells a Story – Ongoing Series

Election Night San Francisco 11.5.2019

DA elect Chesa Boudin overcame a vicious campaign of character assassination by the Police Officers Association (POA) to be elected to office.

On election night Chesa, the usual picture of diplomacy and decorum, showed his devoted followers what he thinks of the attempt to smear and destroy him.

Into the trashcan of history the  POA literature is tossed to join other noxious political literature.

Photo- San Francisco Chronicle


Israel on Chesa. “Jewish son of jailed far-left radicals elected San Francisco DA”

Chesa Boudin’s historic election as San Francisco District Attorney is a developing  world wide story.

Chesa’s stunning election was the result of a hard fought People’s Campaign which found his devoted followers hitting the streets every weekend for almost a  year. Their efforts overcame vigorous opposition from San Francisco’s entrenched power structure.

Here is one view from Israel re Chesa’s election as DA, complete with a 39 year old photo of his mother Kathy Boudin being hauled away by the cops.  The Times of Israel thinks Chesa is not their kind of guy.  Had The Times known earlier, it would have probably contributed to the San Francisco POA vicious effort to destroy Chesa’s campaign.

This type incendiary reporting is what Chesa can expect as he sets forth on his four year tenure as San Francisco’s chief law enforcement officer.

The Times of Israel 11.10.2019

Chesa Boudin, a public defender and former translator for Venezuela strongman Chavez, wins tight race after promising series of progressive reforms.

Chesa Boudin, a US former public defender who was raised by leaders of a far-left group and who previously worked for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, has been elected the new San Francisco district attorney.

Boudin, 39, who is Jewish, won a tightly contested race against Suzy Loftus, who had been appointed interim district attorney weeks before the public vote.

“The people of San Francisco have sent a powerful and clear message: It’s time for radical change to how we envision justice. I’m humbled to be a part of this movement that is unwavering in its demand for transformation,” Boudin said in a statement following his win.

After four days of vote-counting, and with some 1,200 ballots still left to count, Boudin had 85,950 votes to Loftus’s 83,511, leading the latter to concede defeat, local media reported Saturday.

On his progressive campaign trail, Boudin promised to take action to reduce incarceration rates and fight police brutality and racial bias in the criminal justice system.

He also highlighted his unique life story.

Boudin’s parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, both belonged to far-left group Weather Underground. In 1981, when he was just 14 months old, both his parents were convicted and jailed over their role as getaway drivers in an armored car robbery in Rockland County, New York, in which two policemen were killed.

He was then raised in Chicago by Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

During his career as a public defender, Boudin served as a translator for the far-left socialist administration of now-deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Boudin’s mother served 20 years in jail until she was granted parole in 2003. His father, now aged 75, was sentenced to three life sentences and won’t be eligible for parole until 2058.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who endorsed Boudin, congratulated him on his “historic victory.”