Public has a right to view police misconduct records, Judge rules.

Providing police misconduct records to the Public is a basic Civil Right in a democratic society. The police and their handlers need a consistent reminder of this fact.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 2.9.2019

A new California law requiring cities to unseal police misconduct records applies to past records as well as new ones, a judge decided Friday in denying injunction requests from several police unions fighting to prevent the release of pre-2019 records.

Kathleen Guneratne, an attorney with the ACLU of Northern California, said that police unions were well aware of the effects of SB1421 as it was making its way through the Legislature, and unions fought it then, too.

She said there essentially is no “retroactivity” argument, and that public records laws apply to any documents currently maintained by a government agency.

Guneratne called the unions’ court battles “a last-ditch effort to subvert the will of the people and the statute.”

Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Charles Treat’s decision is the first in a wave of lawsuits across the state by unions that say the state’s transparency law, SB1421, should not force cities and counties to release police misconduct records created before the law took effect on Jan. 1.

Six law enforcement unions in Contra Costa County — in Concord, Richmond, Antioch, Martinez and Walnut Creek, as well as the Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff’s Association — sought preliminary injunctions to bar officials in their cities and county from releasing pre-2019 personnel records. Several law enforcement associations in Southern California have filed similar suits in their own counties.

Treat said the attorneys for the unions in Contra Costa County failed to convince him the law should apply only to new documents. He denied their requests for preliminary injunctions.

The California Supreme Court has already declined to weigh in on the matter, after the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association filed a similar suit with the high court.

This leaves the cases to be handled by local courts. Treat was the first to officially rule one way or another, but his order doesn’t set a precedent for other counties.

Epiphany Jones. A Novel of Deepfakes

I started reading Michael Grothaus 2016 debut novel Epiphany Jones.

My first exposure to this novel came when I read an article in Foreign Affairs about Deepfakes. My curiosity was aroused. I researched Deepfakes on Wikipedia. Wikipedia mentioned the novel Epiphany Jones in discussing Deepfakes in literature. Interestingly, Epiphany Jones is unavailable at the San Francisco Public Library despite its popularity with critics and readers.

Epiphany Jones 2.9.2019

The Socialist That Could. Give the Trumpsters Fits.

You have to love this WSJ hit piece. While striving to be snarky and cutting, the writer unwittingly gives a lot of love to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. The misogynist white male dominated Trumpster Republican Party is seeing the future and doesn’t like the view.

This columnist is entertaining.

Excerpt from Kimberly Strassel OpEd- Wall Street Journal 2.8.2019

The Republican Party has a secret weapon for 2020. It’s especially effective because it’s stealthy: The Democrats seem oblivious to its power. And the GOP needn’t lift a finger for it to work. All Republicans have to do is sit back and watch 29-year-old Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . exist.

AOC, as she’s better known, today exists largely in front of the cameras. In a few months she’s gone from an unknown New York bartender to the democratic socialist darling of the left and its media hordes. Her megaphone is so loud that she rivals Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the face of the Democratic Party. Republicans don’t know whether to applaud or laugh. Most do both.

Political Correctness for Major League Baseball. No More “Disabled List.”

Nice. The Daily Political Correctness Report

The Sporting News 2.7.2019

The disabled list as we know it is no more.

The DL will now be known as the “injured list” according to an ESPN report, which cited a source familiar with the MLB’s plan.

The change is due to the league’s concern that the term “‘disabled’ falsely conflates disabilities with injuries and an inability to participate in sports,” ESPN reported.

Despite the name change, the rules of the DL will remain the same, the report said.


Supreme court halts new law restricting abortion in Louisiana

The right to Choice should be non-negotiable. Why is it that men continue to make Victorian Age decisions truncating the rights of Women? America is so backwards when it comes to a Woman’s right to protect her body. I’m ashamed and embarrassed.  In this case it is FOUR men on the Supreme Court who would have restricted the rights of Women. These men have issues!!! Grow up!!!

The Guardian 2.8.2019

Justices vote not to allow enforcement of new regulations on abortion clinics, in case testing conservative court’s view.

The US supreme court is stopping Louisiana from enforcing new regulations on abortion clinics, in a test of the conservative court’s views on abortion rights.

The justices say by a 5-4 vote that they will not allow the state to put into effect a law that requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s four liberals in putting a hold on the law, pending a full review of the case.

The four more conservative justices, including Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, would have allowed it to take effect. Kavanaugh wrote a dissent explaining his vote.

The law is very similar to a Texas measure the justices struck down three years ago. Roberts dissented in that case.



The Fake Threat of Jewish Communism

The analysis provides a sobering journey through the  linkage between Bolshevism, Judaism and the  20th century rise of anti-Semitism with its catastrophic results.

Review by Christopher R Browning – New York Review of Books 2.21.2019

A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism

by Paul Hanebrink
Belknap Press/Harvard University Press, 353 pp., $29.95

One of the great merits of Paul Hanebrink’s A Specter Haunting Europe is its demonstration of how Europe’s most pervasive and powerful twentieth-century manifestation of anti-Semitic thought—the myth of Judeo-Bolshevism—emerged before the rise of National Socialism and has continued to have a curious life long after the Holocaust and the defeat of Nazi Germany. Hanebrink’s approach is not to repeat what he considers an error of the interwar era—the futile attempt to refute a myth on the basis of historical facts and statistical data. Trying to discredit powerful political myths with mere facts, as we know all too well today, is a frustrating endeavor. Thus Hanebrink seeks instead to understand the historical background and the “cultural logic” of the myth of Judeo-Bolshevism—how it functioned and morphed through different phases.

The poster:  de Jude

Behind the Enemy Powers: The Jew’; a poster created by the Reich Propaganda Administration and displayed in the Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition in Nazi-occupied Belgrade, which focused on the alleged Jewish-Communist-Masonic conspiracy to achieve world domination, 1941

Memento: “Neo-noir Psychological Thriller.”

Dystopian and bizarre End to Beginning.

Anterograde Amnesia is a focus of the story.

Memento, released in 2000, begins at its conclusion and travels backward in time to the beginning.

Trump supporters have  Anterograde Amnesia when traveling backward 2016 through 2008.

Director Christopher Nolan (“Batman”) should have made more films of this genre.

The David Julyan soundtrack is eerie.