Marriott’s Starwood Missed Chance to Detect Huge Data Breach Years Earlier, Cybersecurity Specialists Say


My Thoughts:

Marriott deserves grief, abuse, scrutiny and penalties for not settling with the workers who have been On Strike for nearly two months. This worldwide corporate hotel chain needs to agree to the workers fair demands for a decent wage, health care and related benefits.  It’s the karma backlash. You just can’t treat workers in this shabby manner and not expect to pay the price in the court of public opinion and the court room, too.

Excerpted from Wall Street Journal 12.2.2018

Marriott as of Sunday was still sorting through the attack’s cause and impact. It said it first received a security alert on Sept. 8, and moved quickly to notify customers and regulators after determining on Nov. 19 that the hackers acquired information in the Starwood reservation database.

For about 327 million customers, the hackers may have gained access to passport numbers, travel details and, in some cases, credit-card information, as well as names and addresses, it said. Investigators also found a file of about 170 million customers created by the hackers that contains much less information, the company said Sunday.

Marriott began sending out emails to customers on Friday, a process that will take weeks. Some customers complained that they couldn’t get clear information from Marriott on whether or not they had been affected. Marriott said Sunday it was still identifying duplicate information in the second data file to determine exactly who was affected.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is tracking the Marriott situation and attorneys general in New York, Illinois and Massachusetts have opened investigations.

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