Dowd Recalls HW Bush Cursing, Throwing Shoe At TV When Trump Came On

Excerpted from TPM 12.5.2018

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd elaborated on her memories of the late-President George H.W. Bush from a recent column on Wednesday morning, telling MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts that while Bush was known for his civility, he wasn’t a fan of President Trump.

When Dowd interviewed Bush in 2011, when Trump was leading the birther campaign against former President Barack Obama, Bush called Trump an “ass” at the “mere mention” of his name, Dowd said, though she didn’t repeat the explicative on air.

“He said, in essence, you know, ‘he’s a jerk,’ with a different word,” she told “Morning Joe.” “I heard later that he was throwing a shoe at the television set when Trump came on and he was a man of enormous civility and I don’t think he could understand this.”

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