Lifting Barbells. An Avant Garde Use of Deepfakes Technology

March 2, 2019

A bizarre and other worldly 21 minute video is available for viewing through May 12, 2019 at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The artist, Kim Heecheon, created this black and white montage as he struggled to cope with the death of his father.  Kim’s father was killed in a bicycle accident in late 2014.

Lifting Barbells I 3.2.2019

The video is very jarring at times,  a very unsettling piece of art and a visual statement which merits viewing. A close look makes it evident there is the use of Deepfakes technology throughout the film. See  1.21.2019 for an analysis of “Deepfakes and the New Disinformation War.”

Lifting Barbells V 3.2.2019

The film is available for continuous loop viewing on the second floor of the Asian Art Museum.

Lifting Barbells IV 3.2.2019

Lifting Barbells still photos by Lee Heidhues

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