FBI Probes Assassination Threat Against Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

This morning, running in the rain in Sutro Park at the Pacific Ocean, I was thinking that a nut job is lurking in the American swamp waiting to “off” Ilhan Omar.

Shortly thereafter I read the following TPM article. Guess what?? I’m correct and not happy about it, either.

This is the daily toxic menu item of the anti-Muslim perversity of American politics.

Excerpted from TPM 3.5.2019

The FBI is investigating a threat made in graffiti at a Minnesota gas station against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) last month, according to the local Pioneer Press. 

“We are aware of that piece of graffiti at the convenience store and are looking into it with some of our law enforcement partners,” Kevin Smith, the public affairs officer for the FBI Minneapolis Division, told the Pioneer Press Monday. The FBI is involved because Omar is a federal elected official, according to the Pioneer Press.

Last month, “Assassinate Ilhan Omar” was found scrawled in sharpie pen on a bathroom stall at a Holiday gas station in Rogers, Minnesota. The man who discovered the threat took a photo of the graffiti and posted it on social media, after he confronted the gas station attendant about getting rid of it, he told the Pioneer Press.



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