Stanford graduate ,30, killed in SF riding GoBike South of Market

I have been riding a bicycle for transportation in San Francisco since 1972. The City is becoming increasingly dangerous even as the number of cyclists proliferate. These horrific incidents are only going to increase. It is part of the Dystopian Urban Madness.

San Francisco Examiner – Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez – March 8, 2019

SF Examiner photo above – Death site at 6th and Howard Streets

A woman was struck and killed in a traffic collision while bicycling at Sixth and Howard streets Friday morning at about 8:15 a.m.

The San Francisco Police department said the woman, who was not immediately identified, was riding a rented Ford GoBike ebike when she was struck by a white commercial truck.

Bicycle Deaths 3.8.2019

Binod Singh, who was walking nearby when the incident occurred, told the San Francisco Examiner he saw the woman bicycling down Howard when the driver-side door of a parked car opened near her. She swerved to dodge the door, placing her directly in the path of a large white truck, which ran over the woman and crushed her.

“Everyone screamed,” he said.

Singh was shaking as he showed the Examiner cell phone photos he took immediately after the crash.

Maximo Figueroa works in the neighborhood and was sitting in his parked car when he saw the collision. He ran over to help, but when he saw her, he realized it was too late.

“It happened within a second, then boom, then over,” Figueroa said.

The woman was wearing a helmet, which was destroyed in the crash.

The white truck remained at the scene this morning on Howard Street, in an area where there are no “protected” bike lanes with barriers.








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