“One Swallow Does Not a Summer Make.” Aesop Fable

San Francisco Chronicle – Heather Knight 3.10.2019

As someone who looks forward to Heather Knight’s columns, I am disappointed after reading her feature Page One article in today’s, March 10, 2019 Chronicle.

Looking at the Big Picture, I sincerely believe the purpose of her article is to discourage the appointment of Matt Gonzalez as Public Defender.

In every situation, a researcher can find anecdotal evidence to buttress her argument. 

There is nothing to statistically confirm that the Public Defender engaged in a widespread and consistent policy of not informing its clients about plea offers.

It is rumors, water cooler conversation at the courthouse, and a way for SFPD and the District Attorney to settle scores. Ms. Knight is the vehicle, perhaps unwittingly.

Given the statistical reality that the Public Defender handles thousands of cases every year, if this was a pervasive strategy, there are plenty of aggrieved misdemeanor clients who could have come forward earlier.




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