France: Violence at yellow vest protest

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 3.16.2018

Yellow vest protesters have set fire to stores and clashed with police in a return to violence on the streets of Paris. Organizers are trying to give new momentum to their movement, after weeks of dwindling numbers.

On the Champs Elysees, rioters set fire to a bank, an upmarket handbag store and two newsstands. The high-end Fouquet’s restaurant was also damaged.

Hooded demonstrators in Paris fought with police and set several stores alight on Saturday, as yellow vest organizers sought to breathe new life into a movement that has rocked the administration of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Yellow Vest Protests II 3.16.2019.jpg

Police said 42 protesters, 17 of their own officers and one firefighter were injured during a day of violence that followed weeks of relative calm. Nearly 240 protesters were arrested, out of an estimated 10,000 participants.

Yellow Vest Protests V 3.16.2019


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