Rally launches DA candidate Boudin’s Vision. Reform broken system

April 30, 2019

Post by Blog Mistress – Liz Heidhues

A noon rally and press conference was held today on the steps of San Francisco’s ancient 850 Bryant Street Hall of Justice to introduce District Attorney candidate Chesa Boudin’s vision to exonerate wrongful convictions.

Chesa rally I 4.30.2019

The keynote speaker was aspiring Oakland rapper and TV reality show contestant, Jamal Trulove, (shown with Chesa) whose conviction for second-degree murder was over turned because of “highly prejudicial prosecutorial misconduct.”

Chesa rally II 4.30.2019

Liz Heidhues and Jamal Trulove find common ground on the Hall of Justice steps.

Chesa vows to establish a Wrongful Conviction Unit to investigate whether people have been wrongfully convicted of crimes and to review complaints based on credible evidence of innocence.

The event was well attended. Support for Chesa Boudin’s common sense initiatives to reform the broken Criminal Justice System is pushing Chesa to the forefront of the District Attorney’s race. The election will be held this November.


Chesa describes his plan to Liz Heidhues

Photos by Lee Heidhues

Link to recent news story regarding Jamal Trulove.


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