German May Day. Tens of thousands take to the streets for worker rights

Germany is a country where Unions are strong. Workers have real rights and May Day is the annual commemoration to celebrate the labor movement. In America the Union movement has been trampled upon by unchecked mega corporations and their paidoff handmaiden political lackeys

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 5.1.2019

German unions called on workers to take to the streets on May Day to push for a Europewide minimum wage. Organizers also called for stronger collective bargaining rights and urged workers to vote in upcoming EU elections.

Tens of thousands of marchers answered calls from Germany’s main trade unions — the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), Verdi and IG Metall — to take to the streets on May 1 to demonstrate for increased workers’ rights.

May Day III 5.1.2019.jpg

The unions are demanding the implementation of a Europewide minimum wage as well as improved collective bargaining rights. Organizers also used speeches to implore workers to make their voices heard in upcoming European elections from May 23 to May 26.

DGB Chairman Reiner Hoffmann told Germany’s dpa news agency that “Europe stands for peace and increased prosperity.”

Workers of Europe unite

May Day II 5.1.2019

Hoffmann said systemic challenges such as digitalization, globalization, migration, and climate change were so massive in scale that nations alone cannot provide solutions: “In the digital era, work isn’t national — it’s European and global.”

Speaking to demonstrators in Leipzig, Hoffmann also addressed Germany’s stubborn east-west divide as regards the labor market, saying it was unfair that workers in the east had to work more hours for less money than their counterparts in the west.

He also railed against disparities in collective bargaining rights, saying, “Collective bargaining agreements must apply everywhere again.”

Hoffmann underscored the importance of upcoming European elections on a broader level, as well, emphasizing the need to keep right-wing nationalists out of parliament, calling them, “the gravediggers of an open, democratic and unified Europe.”

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