USA Brash, Brilliant. Wins 4th World Cup

Breaking News 4.15.2019

The Guardian 7.7.2019

Brash but brilliant.

They can attack in waves, from the Rapinoe-Morgan-Heath front line to Lavelle in midfield and back to overlapping backs.

If they could give the Golden Ball to a unit, it should be given to the US midfield and defense, which has been stifling. The “expected goals” stat may have favored France and England in those games, but that’s misleading — the USA had it in control most of the time.  Final score 2-0.

World Cup Champs II  7.7.2019.jpg

And today, despite strong Dutch resistance, the USA were a level above. Only strong goalkeeping kept it scoreless at the half.

The US are a team worth celebrating. Enjoy.

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