SF Cop guns down dog on Market Street. “No apparent reason,” says witness.

San Francisco cops. Mindless and cruel.  C’mon.  A dog. Where’s the common sense and accountability? Another graphic example of quick draw behavior by law enforcement.

San Francisco Examiner 7.31.2019

Police shot a dog in downtown San Francisco late Wednesday afternoon.

An officer opened fire after the canine “advanced” on him near Cyril Magnin and Market streets at around 3:45 p.m., according to Sgt. Michael Andraychak, a San Francisco police spokesperson.

A witness who declined to give her name said she was walking down Market Street when she saw the officer shoot the dog “for no apparent reason.”

SF cops shoot dog I 7.31.2019

Andraychak said the officer retreated before shooting the dog once.

The dog was taken to an emergency animal hospital and euthanized, Andraychak said.

He said police detained the person “responsible for the dog” but did not say why.

An hour after the shooting, officers had the area outside the Carl’s Jr. fast food restaurant cordoned off. About four police cars and more than a dozen officers were at the scene.

Deb Campbell, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Animal Care and Control, confirmed that animal control officers responded to the scene.



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