The Music Industry’s Covid-19 Summer: Cancel Outside Lands 2020 now

It is the height of greed and selfishness for Outside Lands to still be on schedule for this August in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

It is beyond shameful that Another Planet which stands to make millions is too concerned about its bottom line and not the health of the community.

In this time of the Coronavirus the Another Planet should not be waiting for San Francisco officialdom to take the step it should have taken already.

The promoters should be more than exploring. Cancel Outside Lands 2020 now.

Excerpted from Bloomberg  News 4.18.2020

Many artists and promoters don’t think there will be live music at all in 2020.

Outside Lands III 8.9.2019

Outside Lands, a music festival held in San Francisco every August, is exploring a move to October or next year, according to Gregg Perloff, one of the festival’s organizers. “The odds of it happening in August go down with each passing day,” Perloff said from his home in Lafayette, California. “We have to have a situation where the public feels safe, we feel safe and the bands feel safe.”