Conservative SF Supervisor tells DA to Deal with It as Domestic Abuse soars

Lee Heidhues 5.10.2022

Supervisor Catherine Stefani needs to explain herself.

Now that The Supervisor has come out in favor the District Attorney recall on June 7 her past actions are fair game.

In 2020 The Supervisor pushed back on the District Attorney’s request for additional funding to hire more staff. At the same time Stefani was advocating for an increase in police staffing.

Supervisor Stefani, who fashions herself as a future DA, is undoubtedly earning political points with Room 200 at City Hall. The following is a blog post from November 2020.

Lee's Perspective

San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani representing the toney Pacific Heights neighborhood tells DA Chesa Boudin to deal with it.

His office, overwhelmed in its case load, particularly in a year of increasing domestic abuse during the pandemic is getting short shrift. Supervisor Stefani, herself a one time Assistant District Attorney in a neighboring county, told the DA to “budget within his means to deliver public safety for all San Franciscans.” Stefani knows, absent adequate funding, it’s an impossible task.

If DA Boudin does not prosecute crime he will be pilloried for neglecting the citizenry. It takes money and personnel to do the job. Stefani knows this all too well.

Stefani’s comments are just typical San Francisco political posturing.

San Francisco Chronicle 11.13.2020

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin said his office is inadequately funded and unable to fully staff units that investigate homicides and domestic violence cases — a situation…

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